Web sites, intranets, HR portals, online induction and training management

Multibase delivers web sites, intranets, extranets, partner portals, ecommerce, online training management and online induction systems using today's web and mobile technologies.

As a business IT services and solutions company with a long and successful track record in delivering technology that increases productivity, reduces cost and improves service quality, Multibase has wide experience in web CMS, mobile, bespoke development and systems integration.

Put Multibase's proven expertise together with platforms like the elcomCMS - a powerful, out-of-the-box solution that is simple to implement and has over 100 features and modules - and you have a potent combination of experience in many industries and expertise in improving day to day business processes.


HR Portals

Rich web portals for the HR function drive engagement, collaboration, communication, and culture.
Today's workforce is online, mobilised and social. A rich, engaging, integrated HR portal brings together the functions you need in one place.
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Streamline communication, share knowledge, work together efficiently, promote your employer brand.
Create digital workplaces and Intranets, for today's social, mobile, online workforce. Connect everything to everything.
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Web sites

Today's tool for branding, marketing, lead generation, sales and customer engagement.
The rich, built-in features of the elcomCMS enterprise content management platform enable you to create engaging web sites, generate leads, and communicate effectively.
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Learning Management & Training portals

Rich multimedia portals for employee engagement and learning.
Drive engagement, develop core skills, deliver inductions and training online, help leadership development with today's rich learning portals.
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Rich web applications


More about WebManager.NET

Web sites
Make your web site simple and cost-effective to manage.

More about IntranetManager.NET

Communicate, collaborate, publish content, build culture, deliver social workspaces.

More about eCommerceManager.NET

Showcase and sell online, with a PCI-compliant ecommerce system including secure online payments.

More about TrainingManager.NET

Training Manager LMS
Manage training and learning with visual designers and powerful reporting.

More about InductionManager.NET

Online Induction Manager
Deliver employee induction online - cost effective, and easily managed.

Secure, compliant government portals

Government Portal
Scalable, secure portal meeting compliance and government requirements.


How can we help you?


How elcomCMS can help marketing managers.

Marketing managers
Your web site to build your brand and connect with stakeholders.

elcomCMS makes work easier for IT managers.

IT managers
Give your business a web application tool they can manage themselves. 

Community Manager.NET helps HR managers community with their workforce.

HR managers
Communication, collaboration, engagement, learning and development.

elcomCMS improves efficiency and provides a quick return on investment

Business managers
Improve efficiency and gain a quick return on investment.


More about how we can help you

Supported, scalable and reliable
Multibase WebAustralis Pty Ltd

Multibase is a business IT services and solutions company, with a long and successful track record delivering technology to increase productivity, reduce cost and improve service quality.

Elcom Technology - developer of the ContentManager.NET platform

Enterprise CMS partner
Multibase partners with Elcom Technology to deliver Enterprise Content Management systems.

Multibase supports your system for the long term.

Multibase is known for its collaborative business relationship with clients, flexibility in achieving difficult technical objectives, and for the high level of ongoing support it delivers.

CommunityManager is ready for integration.

Multibase has proven expertise in integrating new web applications with existing business systems, and elcomCMS is integration-ready out of the box.

Web content management


 Integrated portal and intranet

Integrated Intranet and portal
Integrate intranet and web portal content, and administer with a common interface, for quicker, more consistent access to information across all enterprise content.

Online Training

Online training and learning portals
Use Training Manager to effectively manage your entire staff training needs, including registration, online training delivery, reporting and compliance.

Online Induction

Online Induction Manager
Implement a self-serve online induction site to present content, procedures, quizzes and forms to remove manual processes, cut induction costs and have staff members ready to work from day 1.

Powerful ecommerce system

elcomCMS delivers a powerful online catalogue and shop and a fully-featured enterprise content management system.


Use a centralised respository of procedures, with intelligent searching and centralised reporting, to manage staff policies, OH&S and corporate compliance and  financial reporting.

Document management and enterprise Search

Document management and enterprise search
Enable the Enterprise search module in elcomCMS so users can access your entire content repositories including articles, documents, events and forms. 

Knowledge Base

Internal knowledgebase and FAQs
Help staff share their knowledge with  easy to implement Knowledge Base and FAQ modules.

Corporate Directory

Corporate directory and collaboration
Combine collaboration tools such as wikis, blogs and forums on your intranets, with a corporate directory to easily provide simple, centralised resources for staff to share ideas.

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