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Managing the big end of town.
It was designed to promote interaction, and new features make it even easier to manage online and offline content with the latest CommunityManager.NET release. There's now no need to duplicate effort by managing content offline and then republishing to the web.

Streamline document management across multiple content repositories through integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and HP TRIM, across your internal network and the Web.

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Cloud computing is the direction of computing.
What is cloud computing? It started with web sites and email - and now many day to day business applications can live 'in the cloud'.

Your web site is typical. Typically, it's cheaper, easier and more secure to host your web site in a data centre, and you'll get better web site performance.

What's new is that the accumulation of commercial, consumer, security technical and environmental pressures are driving computing into the cloud.

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Today's government organisations need a strong web application infrastructure.
Why does your Council have a web site? In today's government environment, high performance, quality presentation and easy management is essential to achieve the strategic, marketing and business process goals of good government. For the larger Council, there's something beyond your web presence: an enterprise CMS is a platform for interactive communications, and other business applications.

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Bland Shire Council has a new online face, developed in collaboration with Multibase.
Bland Shire Council has a new online face. Kate Dean, Public Relations Officer of Bland Shire Council, is pleased with the result.

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Posting April 2010 local government newsletter

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Posting Multibase local government CMS newsletter February 2010


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