Do you really need a web site?


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Today's government organisations need a modern, well-designed web infrastructure.

Most Councils, like other organisations, have under-utilised information and business process assets that could work more productively. Like most organisations, local government can achieve efficiencies and cost savings by integrating web and mobile access into their business processes. With the explosion in documentation and the need to retain and manage access to information, today's organisations are often overwhelmed with the volume of information they need to secure, manage and distribute. Fortunately, there is a solution.

An enterprise solution

Multibase has extensive experience in content management solution scoping, development and management. If your needs are at the enterprise level, we can help you with with CommunityManager.NET, an out of the box enterprise content management solution that is simple to implement and has over 40 easily-activated modules.

Start thinking about connecting your internal business processes with your online presence; providing access to your internal documents (such as TRIM) to integrate web content; establishing regular email communications; engage local organisations and individuals through regular communication and interaction; making it as easy as possible to publish your content to the web; have content approved through efficient workflow processes.

Use the web to increase your reach

Multibase shares the vision of a society in which people are easily connected with other people, and with information, resources, goods and services in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. A connected society needs information technology strategy, development, integration and support services that are of high quality, available and affordable.

Population growth will clearly lead to an increase in demand for Council services, yet resources available do not always keep pace with this demand. How then to increase the reach of Council services?

One way is to take better advantage of contemporary Australia’s rapidly growing customer-facing business communications system. With the right planning, internet technologies provide the platform of choice for the most effective and cost-efficient delivery of many services – and for ongoing engagement with customers.

Rolling with the NBN rollout

This approach enables local government areas to become highly connected, well positioned to take advantage of the explosion in digital services and connectivity that will result from the approaching rollout of the National Broadband Network.

We can help you use web technologies, based around an Enterprise Content Management system and integrated with your internal systems, to deliver a user experience that is based on listening to the challenges and needs that confront your constituent and customer base and translating these into areas of opportunity.

With our application and software tools development experience, we can also help you integrate new systems into existing legacy systems of all kinds.

More about content management systems for government

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